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Velcro Screen Manufacturer

Velcro Screen Manufacturer

As I researched this topic, I struggled to find more than one reliable company that makes the Velcro screens. You may have more luck than I did, and if so, I would love to hear from you. But, I feel very comfortable in telling you about the Canadian Company that ships screens to the USA each and everyday.

They are:

    Screen Design
    % Weso Products Inc.
    14 Victoria Ave.
    Smiths Falls, Ontario
    K7A 2P1
    888-290-8277 or 613-283-1947

These folks have a superb system that allows you to take your own measurements and then install the screens on your own. The old problem of getting screens tight is gone forever with this system. Why? Because you stretch the screens yourself and the Velcro strips hold the screens in place.

The other cool thing is that you can span fairly wide expanses with their product. I believe, you can go up to 8 feet, but ask them to be sure.

The Velcro system allows you to roll the screens up and out of the way should you want to create a temporary open air pavilion. I really like this feature.

In addition, you can also buy clear plastic sheets to enclose the space as the weather gets cold. Install a heat source and perhaps the room can be used nine months out of the year!

I urge you to contact this company and get some information. You will not be disappointed with the product. Their turn around time is very good and you will have a screened in porch in no time. Visit their website and check out all of the photos of completed jobs. Perhaps it will stimulate an idea for your own porch.


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