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Vent Pipe Video

Ever notice that little round pipe on your roof? What's it connected to? Inside the house, this vent pipe is connected to the plumbing system. The vent pipe is connected to the sink drains. This pipe provides make-up air when you drain a sink or bathtub. Since the drain pipes are full of air before you pull the plug, this air has to be replaced as the water pushes the existing air down the drain.

If you notice a gurgle when flushing the toilet, it might be an indication that the vent pipe is clogged. Get up on the roof and put a garden hose down the pipe and turn on the water. Be sure to have someone inside checking for any leaks. The water from the hose hopefully will flush out the blockage and your gurgle will disappear.


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  1. I just viewed your vent pipe video. One question. My laundry room is on the second floor and in the summer when I have the A/C going I get a foul smell from the floor drain. This happens only at this time. If the A/C is not on then I get no smell. Is this connected to the vent pipe? Can flushing end this problem? Thank you. Also thank you for taking the time to publish your advice? I know it has helped me many times.

  2. If the house is old and someone put a hose down the vent pipe on the roof, wouldn't the water be leaking behind the walls if there was a leak? I don't think that would be easy to find.

  3. Recently i replaced a water softner, and since installation my toilets have been automatically flushing after usage and intermittenly. Im on a septic system that was serviced fall 2012. Selecting of vent pipe does it matter ? And final question how much water should i run through vent? Thanks a million or at least the cost of a plumbers visit:)

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