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Ventilation – Keeping Home & Attic Cool Naturally

Have you ever gone up into a hot attic? I mean a really hot attic. The heat can be stifling. This heat is doing everything it can to get through to the inside of your house. Adding attic insulation is a great way to offset this heat. Moving air through an attic can help remove some heat, but only if the air comes from the outside of a home. This of course can be a challenge.


Attic ventilation is a hot topic - no pun intended. Those of us in the industry have become more aware because of the changes in building practices in the past 25 to 30 years. Prior to the mid-1960's, attic insulation and ventilation was not really important. Rising fuel costs, rapid advancements in window technology, vapor barrier use and environmental issues have made us more aware that insulation and ventilation are important. They can save you money and help to preserve the investment in your home.

Continuous ridge and soffit ventilation is a good system. It works for free using the natural forces of Mother Nature. Every time wind blows across your roof it creates a mini low pressure area or vacuum. This suction gently moves air through your attic space as long as replacement air can easily get into your attic. Since air desires the path of least resistance, you need to make sure that soffit ventilation entry points are open and prolific so that the air doesn't come from inside your home.

The only time air from inside your home can be used is when you operate a whole house fan. These great products are used when you do not have air conditioning, or when the outside air is cool enough or at a low enough humidity so that it is comfortable.

If you air condition your home, the last thing you want is air conditioned air finding its way into your attic and out the vents! This is why powered attic ventilation can be harmful to your pocketbook.

Learn how to better insulate your home and read this additional information about continuous ridge and soffit ventilation.

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