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Vinyl Floor Tile Manufacturers

Sources of Exciting New Vinyl Tiles

The following companies make vinyl floor tiles and planks. Not all of them have the exciting new patterns and planks that I like. The company that I saw that had the widest selection of awesome floor planks and new tile styles is Congoleum. When I saw their products at the International Builders Show in Dallas, Texas back in January, 2000, I was amazed. For so many years, vinyl tiles were ho-hum. That has changed!

I urge you to call these companies or visit their websites. I feel the hard copy catalogs are a must to get because the color reproductions of the tiles is far better than the images you will see on the Internet. Also, some of the companies websites are VERY hard to navigate. I am amazed at how poorly they are organized. You may get frustrated like I did. You can also open your Yellow Pages and locate local companies that carry vinyl tiles. Find somebody that has a full sample selection of Congoleum products. Take a bib with you, because you are going to salivate.

  • Amtico International

  • Armstrong
  • Congoleum
  • Domco
  • Forbo Industries
  • Tarkett

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