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Vinyl Siding Replacement Alternative

Good Morning: I have a question regarding vinyl siding. I previously referred to your website and didn't find any answers. My husband and I will be selling our home in the near future. Our vinyl siding has faded areas everywhere, from reading on your website I see this is a common problem especially with lesser quality siding. Is there a vinyl-siding cleaner that will offer a “temporary fix”. We do not want to have to invest in new siding if can avoid it. I also read your on site where someone had mentioned a product called VinylRenu (this product offered to restore vinyl siding to is original color and rid the siding of faded areas). Do you know anything about this product? - April S.

Dear April: I can see why you don't want to face vinyl-siding replacement, as it can be very expensive. The sun's ultraviolet rays ravage low-quality vinyl siding that doesn't contain enough titanium dioxide to prevent the color loss. This same thing happens with car interiors, which is why people use the spray products that make the plastic look new.

That's the solution - apply a vinyl-restoration product. But first be sure to clean the siding well to remove any dirt, algae, sun-damaged color pigments, etc. Once the siding is dry, then try any of the spray-and-wipe products you can find. I would do a test first on some remote part of the house to see if you get great results. Do an exhaustive search on the Internet to discover all of the products that are available.


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