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Vinyl Windows – Replacing Glass

Replacing Glass in Vinyl Windows

Crash! Tinkle...tinkle... The sound of breaking glass. Ordinarily, it is not a big problem for most windows. In the case of older wood windows, you remove the old putty and the remaining glass and install a new piece of glass. It isn't so easy with all modern windows.

For example, a major manufacturer of vinyl covered wood windows makes their windows in such a way that, should you break the glass, you must replace the entire sash! It is impossible to replace just the glass.

This is true with some vinyl windows as well. It can be a major cost and a major headache, if you purchase poor quality windows. Remember, we discussed color change in poor quality vinyl windows. What happens if you purchase a poor quality vinyl window that begins to yellow? What happens if the glass in that window can't be replaced? In other words, you have to buy a new blue-white sash to put into your yellow-white frame? Get the picture?

If you do have an issue with color, and your vinyl windows are white or off white, there is a new house paint that will stick to vinyl. You want to buy a house paint that has urethane and acrylic resins. The label will clearly state that and it will say the paint can be used on vinyl windows or siding. Be sure you follow ALL directions on the paint can label to prevent paint peeling.

High quality vinyl windows that allow you to replace just the glass are readily available. There is no need to replace the sash. Remember to ask about this feature when shopping for your new windows. Good luck on your next project!

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