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Wainscoting Suppliers – Manufacturers

Wainscoting Suppliers-Manufacturers

There are hundreds, probably thousands of manufacturers of wainscoting in the USA. The trouble is, many are small shops. In fact, a really good finish carpenter armed with the right tools can make his/her own on the jobsite! I know because I did it about 20 years ago.

At the time of publication of this Bulletin, I could only find two companies that offer any type of acceptable design and fabrication services that are homeowner friendly. I did a Web search using various search engines, but the results were dismal.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is the difference between the two companies. One of them happens to be located in my city - Cincinnati, Ohio. This company's product is similar in many ways to traditional wainscoting. They use solid wood rails and stiles, veneer covered raised panels, and then additional hold down moldings that frame the panels.

The other company is located in Portland, Maine. Their system is more environmentally friendly and has fewer parts. This is the system I am using in my dining room! The finish level of the product is superb.


Click here to watch a video on installing wainscoting.


  • Hyde Park Lumber Company
    Hyde Park Raised Panel System
  • New England Classic Interiors

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