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Walk In Shower Drain

I'm a master plumber as well as a builder. Crazy but true. I've been one for over 35 years.

Gary, who lives in West Memphis, Arkansas, is remodeling his bathroom and has a question about walk-in shower drains.

"I removed a bath tube and going to install a walk in shower. Do I need to move the drain to the center or maybe just a little?"

Well Gary, it all depends.

If you have a pre-formed shower pan that has a drain hole in it, you need to work your magic to connect that drain hole to the existing plumbing drain lines.

If you're creating your own shower pan using a waterproof membrane, cement-mud floor, tile and or stone, then you might be able to make the existing drain location work.

Your big issue is that most tubs have a 1.5-inch drain line that branches to them.

Guess what? Most codes require you to run a 2-inch drain line to a shower.


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