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Walk Through Inspection Checklist

Discover Defects BEFORE You
Close on Your New Home
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Morning Tim,

Just wanted to share my opinion with you, I have down loaded the checklist I purchased from you. I have to say you knocked the ball out of the park. Thank you for a excellent job, my gain.
- Jim Richardson

A walk through inspection can be very stressful. It is often your last chance to discover flaws in your new home. The last thing you need is to completely miss one or two mistakes that might cost you thousands of dollars after your warranty expires. Ouch!

I can relieve and remove that stress.

You will be empowered when you meet with your builder armed with my Walk Through Inspection Checklist.

My Walk Through Inspection Checklist costs just $7.00.

The cool thing about my Checklist is that it is a tool that can help you long after the inspection. Why? The checklist, once completed, acts as an important benchmark. You have a snapshot of the EXACT condition of all things in your new home the day of the walk through. There will not be any arguments as to what something really looked like. Your builder will not have any wiggle room 6 months or 1 year down the road just before your warranty expires.

My checklist can and will save you heartache and lots of money.


This checklist contains over 215 checklist items. Each item needs to be inspected to make sure you are getting what you paid for. The checklist allows you to protect thousands of dollars of your money. Once completed, you have a written record of the condition of your home before you close on your new home loan. The checklist allows you to quickly identify flaws, mistakes, poor workmanship and other defects.

Below is a screenshot of some of the questions from the foundation section of this Checklist.


Here is how it helped Ethan Chamberlin:

"Tim, Thank you very much for the Walk Through Inspection Checklist. It was invaluable. Using the list, I found 40 items that need to be repaired/completed before I make my final payment to the builder. The checklist is well worth the $17.00.00. Thanks again!"

And Holley S. of Nashville, TN had this to say:

"I used your checklist for the condo I plan to buy and really surprised all involved. They had only allocated 30 minutes for my walk through since it's just a condo, but I kept them there longer and feel much better. There were only a few things that need attention, but I would have never noticed them if it weren't for your packet. So, thank you."

If the defects can't be cured before the closing you can request that the bank withhold an agreed to sum of your money until such time as you are satisfied. I guarantee that the checklist will help you find flaws in your home that you might have overlooked! It worked for Ed Jendon. Here is what he told me:

"I purchased and utilized your checklist for the walk-through inspection of our new house. The number of items in the checklist was incredible. It saved both myself and the builder a lot of time."


  • Over 215 detailed checklist items
  • Written tips that help you maximize the power of the checklist
  • Professional Home Inspection Association listings in case you decide to have a professional assist you
  • Instant Download as an attached Adobe PDF Format file

My Walk Through Inspection Checklist costs just $7.00.

It is delivered to you the instant your credit is approved in the common PDF format that can be viewed with free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Click the Adobe graphic just below to download the latest version of this free software. Many modern computers already have this software installed at the factory. You simply double click the attached file icon in the email that is sent to you and the Checklist automatically opens.

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