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Wall Plates and Metal Ceilings

Metal Ceiling Manufacturers

Not all patterns are available through all companies. I guarantee you that you will find interesting, authentic, and attractive products on the web sites. The solid brass and chrome panels will take your breath away.

Be sure to use your imagination when viewing the photos. Think how some wall panels might look in a hall powder room. Imagine ceiling panels that are spaced in-between wood beams in a study ceiling. Do you have a modern trayed (multi-level) ceiling? Imagine using the metal panels on one of the levels or as a border. Remember to keep in mind the scale. If you intend to use the panels for a kitchen backsplash, try to stick with a smaller pattern that will repeat within the 16 to 18 inch area commonly found between countertops and long wall cabinets.

Here are the two manufacturers that make panels from the original dies. They have a huge assortment of products.

  • W. F. Norman Corp.
  • Shanker Industries, Inc.

The following company created dies of their own to recreate older patterns and some modern ones:

  • Chelsea Decorative Metal Company

The following two companies are stocking distributors for Shanker Industries panels and trim:

  • AA - Abbingdon Affiliates
  • Chicago Metallic Corporation
    Chicago Metallic is the company that makes the "Slim Grid" system that allows you to install stamped metal panels in a suspended ceiling. They also make a completely hidden suspension system as well.

The following company offers 24 unique panels in 6", 12", and 24" styles:

  • The American Tin Ceiling Co.

Other ceiling offerings:

  • Entol Industries has Tinn Type
  • M-Boss Inc. 'Tin' Ceilings.
  • Pinecrest Metal Walls and Ceilings
  • USG Interiors

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Metal Ceiling Patterns

The following illustrations are examples of some of the intricate patterns that you can purchase. There are literally hundreds of patterns. Some are 100 year old patterns made using the same steel dies from the last century! Some are more modern. Remember that there are all sorts of accessory pieces. You can get different filler patterns, cornice or crown moldings, inside and outside corners, center medallions, etc. If you are the slightest bit creative, you can create a stunning ceiling. The illustrations below are courtesy of the W. F. Norman Corp.
metal ceiling plate
metal ceiling plate
metal ceiling plate

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