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WaMa Hemp Underwear

wama hemp mens underwear

These are the three pairs of small clothes I got from WaMa. They would have fit perfectly had they sent them to me back in 1967 when I weighed 175 pounds. Copyright 2023 Tim Carter

WaMa Hemp Underwear - It Squeezes You

Three months ago I began to test WaMa Hemp small clothes. It's not the first time I've tested underwear. Several years ago I tested Duluth Trading Buck Naked U-trousers.

I was approached on April 17, 2023 by Rose. She's a public relations person that works for WaMa.

I knew right out of the gate that this might not be a normal encounter. Rose said in her outreach, "*Note: Our sizing may run smaller than most brands so if you are in-between sizes, we recommend you size up."

I warned Rose that my reviews are honest and that I hold nothing back. She sent me a $100 electronic gift card to order whatever I wanted from their website.

What's that old saying? Be careful what you wish for.

Cloaked Intentions

I did as Rose suggested. But then found out that her advice was not accurate. I should have ordered two sizes up. WaMa Hemp underwear unwashed is tight! If you want all your intimate body parts to be squeezed like you'd hold onto a rope dangling from a skyscraper, then you want WaMa Hemp underwear.

Within a day of my responding to her review request, Rose asked if my review would be posted within 30 days and she ended with, "Also, can I confirm if the backlink will be a do-follow link? "

My my my... What WaMa really wanted was a sip of my SEO tier-one nectar. Not so fast, Rose and do-follow links are valuable. Much more valuable than three pairs of underwear that cost Rose's company about $2 each to manufacture.

As Captain Hook said in the remake of the movie Peter Pan, "Bad form, Rose."

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Rose reached out to me again on May 2, 2023. I believe I had just received the three pairs of small clothes a week before. She said, "Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to follow up with you to see when you'd be able to post your review. I'll be sure to share it around on our social media once it is published."

I responded,

"I'm still testing. So far the results are mixed. Please keep in mind I'm truthful to a fault for all the obvious reasons.

I was disappointed on the day I ordered as the colors and styles I wanted were unavailable.

I developed a slight rash the first day I wore one pair. I didn't get the rash with the second pair.

I washed one pair and let them air dry. I never put anything with elastic in the dryer. There was some shrinkage.

I would say the garments run 1.5 sizes SMALL and am mystified how that can happen with all the other brands being out there and they have true sizing.

Rhetorical question: Why is it not possible to copy the exact measurements of the competition and have true sizing?"

wama hemp underwear label

Here's the label from the pair that my Mom would have LOVED to see me wear. I ordered these in her honor as purple was her favorite color. You can see the garment is made in China. China has a robust reputation of stealing technology and copying other things. One would think they'd have a good grasp of how to copy the sizing of clothes. But what do I know? I used to eat lunch for 20+ years sitting on upside-down drywall mud buckets. Copyright 2023 Tim Carter

Testing Halted

I tried wearing the purple and brown small clothes twice but they were so tight and uncomfortable that I gave up. I've consigned the WaMa small clothes to my rag box.

If you order some, go at least two sizes up. Good luck.

I'm sure you've noticed that there's no link to WaMa. Paid links are NOT organic. Paid links litter the Internet and do visitors no favors. That's why I don't do them.


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