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Water Heater Manufacturers

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Water heaters are rated by their overall energy efficiency rating. This is often referred to as the EF(energy factor) rating. This rating is a measurement of all things that contribute to heat loss. the higher the number or rating the more efficient the heater. They range anywhere from 0.59 to 0.74. A rating of 1.00 would mean that there was absolutely no heat loss.

Water heaters come with different thicknesses of insulation. This insulation is also rated by what is called an R - factor. The higher this number the better. R - factors range from approximately 8 to 17. Water heaters with thicker insulation should have the highest R - factor.

Water heaters that burn natural gas or propane have burners. Try to purchase a heater that has a cast iron or stainless steel burner. They tend to last longer.

Water Heater Manufacturers

Consider calling these manufacturers. They will gladly send you oodles of information about their products. Be sure to pay attention to EF rating, R-factor of insulation, and type of burner. Keep reading for more information on these points.

American Water Heater Group
500 Princeton Road
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

A. O. Smith Water Products Company
5605 N. MacArthur Boulevard Suite 360
Irving, Texas    75038

Bradford White Corporation
323 Norristown Road
Ambler, Pennsylvania    19002-2758

Rheem Manufacturing Corporation
P.O. Box 244020
Montgomery, Alabama   36124-4020

State Water Heaters
500 Tennessee Waltz Pkwy
Ashland City, Tennessee 37015-1299

Water Heater Installation Tips - - Extending its life

Always install your hot water heater so that it is level and plumb. If you live in a earthquake prone area, apply strapping or other hold down devices so that it does not fall over in an earthquake.

NEVER install a shut off valve on the hot water outlet pipe. If someone accidentally turns this valve off and your pressure relief valve malfunctions, your hot water heater can become a giant bomb. They have exploded before with catastrophic results!

Always install a new temperature and pressure relief valve with your hot water heater. Be sure it is sized right for the heater!!!! The hot water heater manufacturer will indicate the proper size in the installation instructions.

If you have metallic water supply lines, install di-electric unions to isolate the supply piping electrically from the hot water heater. These unions are inexpensive and help prevent corrosion.

Drain approximately 1 -2 gallons of hot water from your heater every two months to remove rust and sediment from the bottom of the tank. Do this procedure as you are running hot water from a faucet elsewhere in the house. This will help to agitate the water in the bottom of the tank.

Consider installing a water softener if your incoming water is exceptionally hard. The water softener will reduce the amount of dissolved minerals in the water.

Absolutely install an expansion tank when installing a new hot water heater. This tank will extend the life of your hot water heater.


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