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Water Heater Recirculating Pumps Video

Do you turn on the hot water for your shower or to wash your face and the hot water is not there for a while? Does that get you hot? Well, there is a solution. A water heater recirculating pump will get you in hot water when you want it.

With the built-in timing system, you can set the time you want the pump to activate and pump hot water into the plumbing system. Set if for that morning shower and when you return from work in the evening. In between, hot water is not pumped throughout the house.

This pump is installed in the hot water line leaving the water heater. A plumber or plumbing experience will be needed for this job.

The pump system includes a bypass valve. When hot water is needed, the valve sends it up into the pipes. If hot water is not required, the water returns to the water heater. Saves the hot water until you need it.


2 Responses to Water Heater Recirculating Pumps Video

  1. There have been some significant improvements since you recorded your hot water recirculation video. Would you be willing to update the information?

    • Chris,

      What are the improvements? With YouTube paying less than $0.005 per view, there's not much incentive to invest $750 to tape a new video.

      It's simply impossible to make it a prudent investment of my time to just tape 5 or 10 videos a week when you get nothing for doing it.

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