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Water Puddles on Patio

Ken Morris has lots of water puddles on his stamped concrete patio in Phoenix, AZ.

He thought of an idea on how to solve it, but I believe I have a much better solution.

Here's what he sent to me:

"My patio was poorly designed.  You can see from the picture I get standing water and want to devise a channel drain system here.

The channel drain would be 24 feet long.  Is this an issue because it seems like I would have to have a 6 inch drop from one end to the other?  What would you do with the existing concrete/slate on top?"

That's some puddling. What a shame the installer of the stamped concrete didn't put in the proper slope to ensure this doesn't happen. Photo credit: Ken Morris

Ken, you're right, for a channel drain to work, it needs slope and fall.

I've got a better idea and it's easier to disguise.

I'd just drill 1 and 1/4-inch holes in the concrete down to the undoubtedly sand and gravel fill under the patio.

I'd fill these holes with rounded gravel that matches the color of the stamped concrete as close as possible.

The water will drain once you get down to the natural sand and gravel that makes up 99.99999 percent of Phoenix!
Sandra Schumacher lives up in the land of billions of barrels of oil better known as Bismarck, North Dakota. She's got a problem with here patio because it slopes towards her house. Allow her to explain.


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