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Weego Jump Starter

weego jump starter battery pack

Weego Jump Starter | This is the Weego 66 jump starter. It allowed me to "we go to town now!!!" No wonder it's named WEeGo!

Weego Jump Starter Lithium Power Pack - We do Go!

I received a Weego jump starter 66 about two years ago. It's now called the Weego 70.

Two days ago I finally used it to start my truck that had been sitting for five days in bitter-cold weather.

It's a giant V8 engine in a Ford F-250. The Weego jump starter battery pack gave the needed boost and the truck turned over like it was 90 F outside!

Do Weegos Come in Different Sizes?

Yes, you can get different Weego jump starters. If you have a small 4-cylinder engine, get a smaller more affordable battery pack. CLICK or TAP HERE to shop for one now.

Weego Jump Starter LIVE Stream Video

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch the first five minutes of my video stream about the Weego jump starter heavy-duty battery pack.

We did go to town that morning! No wonder it's named Weego!


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