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What is a Riser in Plumbing

cast iron plumbing stack

Riser in Plumbing| Here are two risers in plumbing.  A 4-inch no-hub cast iron plumbing stack is at the bottom of the photo. On top of it is a 4x3-inch cast-iron wye. Two 3-inch risers branch off to two different full bathrooms. I installed this in my daughter's Bar Harbor home in 2019. CALL ME if you need me to draw your riser diagram. 603-470-0508 Copyright 2023 Tim Carter

What is a Riser in Plumbing - It's a Vertical Pipe

A riser is a vertical pipe in a plumbing installation. Plumbers also call them stacks. Think about a smoke stack and how it's a vertical tube.

Do You Need a Riser Diagram?

You may want to know about a riser in plumbing because you need a plumbing permit. Building departments often require a riser diagram so they know that you know the correct-sized pipe to install for each riser.

If you don't have the correct one, you can have significant clogging issues later after the drain pipes are in use.

riser diagram

Look at all the risers! | You'll need a master plumber to draw a riser diagram like this. CALL ME NOW so I can draw yours: 603-470-0508.

Can You Draw a Riser Diagram?

Yes, I draw riser diagrams each day. I love doing it. To me it's like solving a 3D crossword puzzle.

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Call ME now so I can help you! 603-470-0508

Are You a Master Plumber?

Yes. I've been a master plumber since 1981.

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Tim Carter has been a master plumber since 1981. He knows all about plumbing fixture schedules.


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