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What Snowblower to Buy Best Snowblower for Woman

Quick Column Summary:

  • Needs a snowblower that can handle ice
  • See the Biggs and Stratton snowblower video
  • Try an electric start
  • Try self propelled

Fee Dombrowski, who lives in somewhat mild Bethesda, MD near our nation's capital, needs a snowblower.

"Given another El Nino year, I'm trying to beat the snow blower buying frenzy.

Any reviews of snow blowers? I have a single drive and walkway, just need something that can dig through the evil ice mounds the street plows dump in my drive.

Looking for ease and something a 60+ yr female can manage and maintain."

Here's my answer:

Fee, did you by chance see my latest snowblower video review? I tested the Briggs and Stratton one this past winter. I've embedded the video just below.

I'd look for one from them and you should get one that's maybe 18 inches wide. That would be PLENTY big for you.

Be sure to get one with an electric start. This works like your car. You don't need to pull a cord and wrench your shoulder.

The machines are self propelled, so you can handle it. My wife can handle our 24-inch machine.


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