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Where’s the Water Shut Off Valve?


How many times have you received a reminder about fire drills in your home? Have you disregarded those? Shame on you. We talked about that all the time when my kids were small. They knew if there was a fire in our home exactly what they were supposed to do.

But what about a simple thing like a water leak? You may know where your water shut off valve is, but does everyone in the family? Does everyone know how to turn or operate the valve? Is it blocked by all kinds of stuff in a closet or is it in the basement? Does the valve even work? When was the last time it was exercised? Oh, you didn't know you have to exercise a valve?

Do you turn off your water if you're leaving your home for an extended time? Why not? Do you already have a great relationship with a plumber if you need one in a hurry? Why not? The list of questions is endless.

This is just another reason why I beg you to open each newsletter and read it. I'm trying to help you save thousands of dollars with all the information I'm sharing. You must know how to turn off your water FAST in case of a major leak.


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