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Whole House Surge Protection

Whole House Surge Protection

Whole house surge protectors that connect to your electric panel are generally tougher to find. The two primary sources are your local utility company and supply houses that sell electrical equipment / supplies to electricians.

I located one manufacturer of these important surge protection devices. They are Panamax. They make a very compact - yet effective - surge protector. They have two versions of the same protector. One has the wire leads that come out the back of the unit and the other has side outlet connection capabilities.

The two devices offer UL 1449 clamping voltages of 500 volts. The total joules available are 1,920. The units have an audible alarm and warning lights. They also offer a $10,000 connected equipment warranty AND a generous labor allowance in the event of catastrophic failure. I have connected one of these units on my electric panel.

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