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I did an exhaustive search on the Internet to find high quality companies that make professional window cleaning products. I could only find two. There may be more out there, but they are very well hidden.

One way to always find the sources of high-quality products is to talk with the professionals who use them. Ask them where they buy their tools and supplies. Often you will discover they are out-of-the-way stores and businesses.

Of course the Internet makes it as easy as possible to locate things. Use the search engines to help you find quality products. Always be sure to do a negative search to verify what you may be reading on other websites. A negative search is one where you enter the product name or company name and then the word nightmare or the word problems.

The one company, Ettore Products Company, has got really awesome window cleaning tools and they have superb distribution for the everyday person like you and me.

You can also find great window cleaning tools in your own city or town as long as you aren't shy. The day after I wrote the glass cleaning column I was walking down a sidewalk past a professional window washer. I noted that he was using a solid brass squeegee. This told me instantly that he had the right tool. I asked him where he purchased his tools locally. He said, "That old paint store in Norwood, Ohio. They have reasonable prices too!" I was really surprised to hear this, as I never thought a paint store would have window cleaning tools and supplies. The same may be true in your city.

The old paint store I visited is very close to my house. I drove there and was amazed at the enormous selection of professional cleaning tools, soaps, lint free rags, etc. And guess what? The window cleaner wasn't kidding! The prices were awesome. I could walk out of there with all the tools, soap and rags to clean my windows for six months for under $40. Here is the best part. They will sell to anyone in the USA and ship the stuff right to your door!

Click here to watch Tim's video on window cleaning tools.


Here are two national manufacturers of high-quality window cleaning tools and supplies. I purchased Ettore squeegees and cleaning solution. I have not tied the Haviland products, but assume they are of equal quality.

  • Ettore Products Company
  • Haviland Corporation

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