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Window Cleaning Tools Video

Using the wrong tools or cleaner will make your job harder. Using newspaper is not a good alternative. The water in the cleaner will dissolve the newsprint ink and leave that residue on the window. All you need to professional results is the right cleaner solution, lambs wool cleaner (or scrubber) and a squeegee. The squeegee is used to remove the excess moisture from the window. The window will be clean before the squeegee is used.

Mix the cleaner solution and dip the lambs wool cleaner into the solution. Wipe off the excess solution and start cleaning the window. Go over the window up and down and back and forth. All the dirt will be trapped in the lambs wool. Then use the squeegee to remove the excess moisture off the glass. Wipe the squeegee blade after each pass on the window.

These tools are available at your local paint store. There is also a two in one tool with the scrubber and squeegee on one head. This has a spot to attach it to a long pole for cleaning those second story windows.


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  1. Hi Dave,
    I watched your video on how to clean windows without using Windex or Amonia. I have found if you use a microfibre cloth to dry windows they are left with absolutely no streaks. I spent years cleaning windows the old way and found I could never quite remove all the streaks on the glass. Try the microfibre and see what you think. In my home I use a wet one to clean the window and a dry one wipe off. They are marvelous and there is no need for chemicals at all unless the windows are extremely dirty.

  2. Tim, I have not been successful in locating the lambs wool window scrubber you used in your video on cleaning windows. Can you tell me where I might find one?

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