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Window Header Insulation Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I am at a new residential construction site in New Hampshire. It's cold. It's winter time. But that's what I want to talk about - insulation.

Above this window opening is the header and it has a blue piece of insulation in place. In the old days, there would just be a wooden header over the windows to carry the wood. This will keep the weight from above pushing down on the window or door.

When there is just solid wood in the header, it provides very little insulation. Wood is a conductor and doesn't insulate. This head is constructed with two blocks of 2x6s and one piece of foam insulation on the inside to keep it nice and warm.

This insulation has an R value of 10 and is closed-cell rigid foam. A really good product. So when you are building or remodeling, be sure you have a nice insulated header over your windows and doors.


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