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Wood Door Video

Some of the advantages of the common six panel interior wood door are they are light weight and very affordable. One disadvantage of these hollow core doors is they let a lot of noise through them. They are made of a hard board panel with strips of cardboard inside.

The alternative is a solid wood door. These are the types of exterior wood doors found in many of the older homes. Today's solid wood doors are different from the older ones. In the past, the panels were made from solid wood. With the seasonal changes, these panels would expand and contract. This would leave lines showing in the door. The modern doors have panels made of medium density fiberboard. These are more stable in changing humidity levels and temperatures.

The modern doors come is various styles, six panel or four panel, and some have raised molding around the panels to extra depth and add character. The solid wood doors are heavy, but they make a great addition to your home.


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