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Wood Floor Trusses Video

Wood Floor Trusses - So Many Advantages


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  1. Sir, the floor trusses you are recommending are definitely straighter, stronger and quicker to install than standard 2x floor joists. But as a 34 year veteran and Battalion Chief of a large metropolitan fire dept I can tell you that they are not a firefighters friend. There are huge voids that allow fire to quickly move horizontally and once fire attacks the small pieces of the truss they will fail and collapse on unsuspecting firefighters. You should warn people of this danger in your news letter.

  2. Terry,

    I'm a huge firefighting buff. I even have some of my own turnout gear. I want to thank you for your years of public service and putting yourself in harm's way.

    Here's where I stand with the floor trusses. I know they fail in a fire long before solid traditional joists.

    I maintain that the metropolitan fire departments are not synchronized as well as they might be with the building departments. When a plan is submitted for a permit, it clearly shows the building materials.

    If a plan shows floor trusses or thin wood I-joists made from OSB, then the local battalion chief in that part of the city should be notified by the building department. This would not be hard at all to do.

    I have to believe you can, using today's technology, create a database that shows what houses are built with what. The building department official could easily enter into the database the structural materials using simple checkboxes. You would work with them to identify the materials YOU - the fire department - want to know about.

    As you roll out to the alarm call, you pull up the data. If you see floor trusses or some other building material that puts firefighters in danger, then just develop a more defensive posture to the fire once you start to battle it. Don't send in firefighters for an interior attack to push the fire out of the house.

    Allow the fire to burn the way they used to before firefighters had SCBA equipment. Think about that. Think about how fires used to be fought decades ago.

    At some point, I feel the insurance companies will figure this out and will penalize homeowners with slightly higher premiums should they use the materials that are more dangerous to firefighters.

    As for doing an interior search for possible people inside in the early stages of a fire, that's a whole different story. I don't have an answer for that.

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