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Wood Glue Video

In case you break something and have to repair it, there are wood glues to handle your repair project. The most common is the yellow carpenter's glue. This kind of glue works well for gluing two pieces of wood together.

An outdoor wood glue is available for those projects were the repair will be exposed to water.

The urethane glues are very sticky and are like epoxy glues. They will glue most things together. There is a chemical reaction, called curing, when the glue dries. Water is required to make this glue work. Sponge a little water on the wood, apply the glue and clamp the two pieces together. This is important because the glue will expand as it dries. If you don't clamp it, the pieces can move during curing. Once dry, the urethane wood glue can be sanded, painted or stained. Just be sure to clamp the pieces together!


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