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Wood Glues Video

Are you a hobbyist or wood worker? If so, you have probably used wood glues. The old standard is the yellow carpenter's glue. But there are more choices now. The yellow glue is still available but it is affected by water. It should not be used outside.

There is a dark wood glues. When the glue dries, it turns dark so the glue line is not as noticeable. Eliminates that white glue line.

The new woodworkers glue is designed for finish and trim carpentry inside work. It features a very quick setup time. Great when working with small trim pieces. The typical setup time is 5 to 10 seconds.

Polyurethane glue is waterproof. It sticks wood to wood, glass to wood. A very multi-purpose glue, almost like an epoxy. This glue actually uses the water in the wood and air to chemically cure. Be sure to clamp the wood pieces after glueing. As the glue dries, it turns to a foam and expands to fill in the area. Clamping the pieces will keep everything in the correct position.

Clamping the work pieces is a good idea when using any glue. This positions the joint until the glue is dry. Select the right glue for your next woodworking project.


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