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Wood Siding Repair Video

When your project involves painting a piece of wood siding, here are some tips to help complete that job. Place the piece of siding on a solid wood plank. It does not matter what size the plank is, but it is helpful if it wider then the siding.

Instead of using the traditional paint brush, check out the mini-paint rollers that are now available. These smaller rollers allow you to apply the paint quickly and with very little mess.

You will still use the paint brush after the roller. A quick once over to give the siding that brushed look.

When painting an outside piece of siding, be sure to paint the back side also. Paint the back side first, so when you lay it on the drying rack, the front paint job does not get little marks in it.

Paint the back first, then the front. You will get a much better looking job.


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