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Wood Siding Video

When your project includes the addition or installation of wood siding, there are some steps to follow to ensure that your siding and the paint lasts a long time. First, be sure to primer and pre-paint the siding before it is put up. If a piece of siding has to be cut, prime the cut end before installing. That is where water can be sucked into the wood and cause the paint to fail.

If you make yourself a gage block, you will have evenly spaced siding. Cut the block to match the exposure of the siding. Hold it against the board just below the one you are installing. Set the new piece on the top of the spacer and it will be the correct distance each time.

One last tip, put a piece of metal flashing between the joint where two pieces of siding butt together. In case the siding ends separate, the flashing will keep water out.

Just follow these quick tips, and your siding installation project will go smoothly, last a long time and look great.


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