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Wood Truss Design Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I'm at a new construction site in New Hampshire. It's a frosty morning. But I have an opportunity show you a very unique truss design. Look at this.

Here's a nice new truss that's actually for the garage of this home. Most trusses you see the rafter come down and meet the bottom chord, but look at this funny design. Here's the bottom chord but it takes a turn and runs down to the wall. You might ask why this design?

Looking across the bottom of the trusses, the garage door opening is on the other end. You can see a narrow rectangle formed by a piece of 2x4 above the garage door. Here in the Northeast, it is very common to have transom windows. This is a very neat architectural feature. These windows allow a lot of light to enter into the garage. Because they went with extra tall doors and there is a transom above it, you have to be able raise the bottom of the trusses up. This will allow the transom windows to be below the ceiling.

If you can dream it with the truss or its shape, normally the truss fabricator can create.


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