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Wood Windows – Replacement Kits Manufacturers

Wood Windows - Replacement Kits Manufacturers

The following manufacturers make the kits you are looking for. Check out the web sites to get a full description of the products they offer. All of them have step-by-step instructional literature that shows you exactly how to install the windows. Yes, I know, it isn't the same as doing it, but it can be a big help. I am sure in this day and age, they now have instructional videos.

There is a good chance some of these instructional pieces will forget to show some important steps. There are very few pitfalls. The secret is obtaining accurate measurements and checking the opening for square.

One major benefit to this type of project is that you can simply order one window. This way, you can determine how tough the project will be. If you succeed installing the first window, which you most likely will, you can place a follow-up order to complete the job. Be sure to find a dealer close to you.

  • Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co.
  • Marvin Windows & Doors

  • Pella Corporation
  • Weather Shield Mfg., Inc.

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