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Work Clothing Video

There are special socks with material that allow it to wick water quickly away from your feet so they stay dry in cold weather.

Tee shirts are available with a pocket. These t shirts are very handy for holding that pencil or scale on the project. As the weather gets colder, there are t-shirts will long sleeves. These are soft and will wick water away from the body.

Work vests are great to keep your body cavity warm, but allows freedom of movement for your arms. The vests feature pockets inside and out with Velcro flaps or zippers. Again, great for storing or protecting items on the jobsite. The material is extremely tear and rip resistant.

In very cold weather, there are jackets with nice warm fleece linings and are waterproof. The rain will run right off the exterior. You can keep working in the rainy weather.

These clothes are great for your comfort because they are designed and tested by Tradesmen. They will keep you dry, warm and comfortable when the weather is not cooperating.


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