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Work From Home Survey

Work From Home Challenges

You may now have to work from home and need some small privacy modifications made.

What are they? What do you need to change to make it easier to work from home?

Please answer the few questions and upload any photos that help me understand what you're trying to change.


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In just three or less sentences, tell me what is your biggest challenge with respect to your WORKING SPACE you now face working from home.

In just a few sentences if you can, tell me if you feel you need some sort of privacy barrier or home cubicle of sorts for privacy. Use your imagination of what you might need.

Use the button to send me a photo of the part of your house you want to change.

Here's a second UPLOAD tool in case you have a second photo to send me.

Here's a third UPLOAD tool. Remember, I need GREAT photos in focus and high resolution.


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