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XO Rust vs Rustoleum

xo rust spray paint

XO Rust spray paint is on top. Rustoleum is on the bottom. These are actual lab scratch tests done. The results are SHOCKING. CLICK HERE to have XO Rust paint delivered to your home in DAYS. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

XO Rust vs Rustoleum TIPS

I'm very lucky. As a syndicated newspaper columnist and Internet publisher, I get to visit places the average person can't go.

December, 2016 was one of those times. I was able to tour the True Value Hardware paint factory in Cary, Illinois.

There I got to see how many of their paints are made including XO Rust spray paint.

Rustoleum Results

But best of all, I got to see how XO Rust Spray Paint performed against the popular heavily advertised Rustoleum paint.

You're going to see test panels in the video just below.  The panels were created using an ASTM B117 test procedure.

After you see them, something tells me you'll probably think long and hard before buying Rustoleum again.

xo rust paint

Do I need to tell you which brand is on top? Yep, XO Rust. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Tough Love

It's my job as a journalist to share facts with you. Sometimes it's not easy. This is one of those times.

It's not my job to beat up on a company. I've used Rustoleum for years but now after seeing the XO Rust ASTM B117 test results, I'm switching. 


The free marketplace is amazing. A company that decides to make a fantastic product deserves to do well. Those that make so-so products reap what they sow sometimes.

The way I see it is, if a company knows their product doesn't perform as well as it could, then they can do better to ensure it does. You and I as consumers end up the winners.

I know I'd never use Rustoleum again until such time as Rustoleum provides me with test panels that show how they've re-formulated their paint to outperform all others, including XO Rust.

When you see the test panels, you'll agree the Rustoleum chemists have lots of work to do.

XO Rust Spray Paint Video

Watch this video to see how I used XO Rust spray paint to restore a rusted piece of wrought-iron patio furniture. The test panels will be just after the music interlude.

Test Panels Tell The Tale

The test panels you saw in the video were real. Nothing fake there at all. The chemists and engineers that work for manufacturers use these standard tests all the time. In fact, they're the ones that sit on the committees that come up with the test procedures.

The ASTM B 117 scratch really shows up on this photo set. Look at all the peeling paint on the lower Rustoleum panel. The XO Rust panel on top looks fantastic. (C) Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Any paint manufacturer can run the ASTM B 117 test. They often do it to see how their paint stacks up against a competitor's.

But not all manufacturers share the test data for all the obvious reasons.

These tests were run using the industry-accepted ASTM B117 Salt-Fog test. The basic steps in the test are:

  • Paint pieces of bare steel
  • Allow paint to cure
  • Scratch the center of the test panel
  • Put panels in the salt-fog chamber
  • Expose for 200 hours

CLICK HERE to see the actual ASTM B117 test requirements.


CLICK HERE to BUY XO Rust and have it delivered to your home. Remember, you can get it in quarts and gallons for bigger jobs.



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