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YardMax 35 Ton Log Splitter Review

I had the distinct pleasure to test the Yardmax 35-ton full-beam log splitter in November of 2016. Having used many different types of log splitters, including a sledge hammer and wedge, I felt I could give an honest opinion as to how well this massive tool works.

The bottom line is it's unbelievable. I've owned a 27-ton hydraulic splitter for about eight years and the new Yardmax splitter has much nicer features.

Here's what I love about the Yardmax splitter:

  • It's beefy - weighing in at just under 700 pounds.
  • It's built TOUGH. I didn't see any shortcuts at all.
  • It's got a Briggs & Stratton engine. I don't know if you can get a better engine.
  • It tilts 90 degrees so the splitting ram goes up and down instead of sideways. This saves your back!
  • It's got oversized hydraulic components that translate to faster cycle time. Work gets done FASTER.
  • It's got a nice 4-way splitting head so you get four pieces of wood from each ram cycle.
  • The owners manual stores in a waterproof tube on the tow bar. INGENIOUS!!!!! All large equipment should have this feature so the manual is with you at all times! BRAVO Yardmax for thinking about this!

I'd rate this splitter five hammers out of five. hammer-5-5

It's a dandy power tool and if you keep the engine filled to the brim all the time - even when in not in use - with ethanol-FREE gas (get this at small airports from the FBO) that has Briggs & Stratton fuel stabilizer in it, the engine will start all the time. If you want the engine to be trouble-free for YEARS, then change the oil each season and put in a new air filter. Do these three things and the engine will run for thousands of hours with no issues.

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