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  1. Hi I'm building a deck what a gable roof. I need some help in determining how to attach a ridge beam to the back of my home. Can you help me out? Thank you David Wilson

  2. we live in a rambler , in the basement. i was wondering if i put some r-19 faced insulation then 80# tar paper,then 5/8 sheetrock for sound. what do you think?the tar paper help or no?thank you.

  3. nobody can seem to help me... i have a problem with my garage floor, it seems chalky and breaks up easy . I have to brush it up say once a week sometimes more if in and out of the garage more. When i sweep it up it looks like fine chalk and can leave foot prints when i go back up stairs.. i'm trying to find a product to seal the floor from keep breaking up other then concrete

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