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9 Responses to YouTube Leads

  1. Hi I'm building a deck what a gable roof. I need some help in determining how to attach a ridge beam to the back of my home. Can you help me out? Thank you David Wilson

  2. we live in a rambler , in the basement. i was wondering if i put some r-19 faced insulation then 80# tar paper,then 5/8 sheetrock for sound. what do you think?the tar paper help or no?thank you.

  3. nobody can seem to help me... i have a problem with my garage floor, it seems chalky and breaks up easy . I have to brush it up say once a week sometimes more if in and out of the garage more. When i sweep it up it looks like fine chalk and can leave foot prints when i go back up stairs.. i'm trying to find a product to seal the floor from keep breaking up other then concrete

  4. Hello Mr. Carter,
    The presentation about efflorescence on floor tiles is great. I appreciate your explanation.
    I have a follow up situation that is happening on the surfaces of these tiles with efflorescence problem. these surface become full of black stains and spots. would appreciate your feedback on this. have some photos if needed

  5. Well I typed a long question but the refreshing erased it so I'll just say thank you for the info on brick walls. Any ideas for managing water running from a roof valley to an inside corner and overspilling the gutters?---90 degrees at that corner and no downspout.

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