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Zip System Roof Sheathing Video

Zip System Roof Sheathing

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and it's a frosty, winter morning in New Hampshire. It is two below zero. That's why I have the hat and gloves on. I want to talk about a really neat product that I wish was available when I was building homes everyday. It is called Zip Sheathing.

You can see the brown colored sheathing on the roof. Down below you can see some green sheathing. These two coverings are basically a plastic covering. It is impregnated on regular OSB (oriented strand board). When you use these products, in conjunction with a special tape, this does two things.

First, water can't get through the plastic coating. The special tape seals the seams. So it helps create a water barrier for the structure and an air infiltration barrier. On this particular example, all the seams are taped. On this cupola, the zip sheathing is ready for the shingles. And down here on the outside corners, they've taped those corners also. You want to make sure that all seams are properly taped.

The zip sheathing is a good product. It saves having to wrap the house. Consider using it on your next job.


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