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Zircon Breaker ID Review

zircon breaker id

This is the receiver that you touch against the circuit breakers. CLICK or TAP HERE or the image to have one delivered to your home.

Zircon Breaker ID - Works Well

I've had the Zircon Breaker ID for a while, but only today had a reason to put it to the test. It got an A++!

How Does the Zircon Breaker ID Work?

The tool has two parts, a transmitter, and a receiver. The transmitter is the black part you plug into the wall and the receiver is the yellow part of the tool. The receiver is used at the circuit panel.

zircon breaker id

This is the transmitter. You plug this into a regular 120-volt outlet on the circuit you're trying to locate. CLICK or TAP HERE or the image to have this dandy tool in your trembling hands in just hours.

zircon breaker id

The receiver has two LEDS on top. One red and one green. They're so bright they wash out the color in the photo. The tool also has a buzzer, but I couldn't get mine to work even with a new battery. Not to worry, just trust the LEDs. CLICK or TAP HERE to purchase this tool before clicking on and off all your breakers hoping you hear the person inside the house.

zircon breaker id

Here I am scanning the breakers. You need to calibrate the tool by running it up and down all the breakers in the panel. It only takes seconds to do. CLICK or TAP HERE to preserve your sanity and voice. Once you scan all the breakers, you do it one more time. When the tip of the scanner is on top of the breaker that powers the outlet that the transmitter is plugged into, the green LED lights up brighter than your eyes when you get a prize from your best friend!

zircon -breaker id

When you go to store the tool, you insert the receiver into the transmitter and this is what it looks like. CLICK or TAP HERE to order one of these now. You'll not regret it.





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  1. Wish I had checked your site and saw the Zircon Breaker before my wife assisted me by shutting off breakers while I ran around with a test devise to identify which breaker protects each outlet and switch in my house. It was an, off and on, 2 month project! However, part of that time was spent sketching floor plans that show where each outlet and switch is located, and indicating the circuit breaker number. Now, I only need to refer to the sketch to know what breaker to shut off!

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