A Storage Loft in a Garage

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  1. Paul Rankin
    November 9, 2014

    I'm planning on building a over head storage area over half of my garage. I'm looking at approx. 15' x 14' area.
    I was looking over some span tables but they were not exact. This area I'm going to build should I use floor specs. ? I have examined the area fairly close and determined by a variety of tables that 2x8x16' on 12"centers with 3/4 " plywood as a floor / surface appears to be up to code.
    I want to tie onto the double plate over the garage door 4x12 header one one end & and approx 1.5' overlap into the existing second story rafters in the garage.
    Additionally will I need cross braces between the 2x8's ? I have seen overhead flooring that use cross braces, what is the rule of thumb? I certainly appreciate any help, thanks Paul

    • Tim Carter
      November 9, 2014

      Paul, you need to invest a little money on this because you don't want it to COLLAPSE on someone. Go find a RESIDENTIAL structural engineer in your city / town and get them to draw up a little plan. BEST MONEY you'll spend on this project.

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