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Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Have you ever been inside a stunning hotel lobby, a fashionable meeting room, or perhaps some other interior space that really caught your eye? Do you think all of the design elements of the space happened by accident? Doubtful - in almost all instances a professional interior designer was hired to create the space, select the finishes and determine the color schemes.


I am quite sure you have been inside someone's home that was a fashion / design nightmare. They are everywhere. No doubt not everyone has the ability to spend tens of thousands of dollars on interior design. Often you can spend much less and get highly desirable results. Think: do you think it is worth $150 to find out what it might cost to redo a room or perhaps an entire house? You might be able to get an interior designer to come and consult with you for just an hour or two for this amount of money. You might be surprised by what you can do! There are affordable alternatives that many designers know about.

New Homes

Are you thinking of building a new home soon? If so, you are crazy if you don't get an interior designer involved early in the planning process. This individual will add lots of spice to the soup!

Designers often work with architects. The combination of talents can produce spectacular results. Interior designers can offer much with respect to the final fit and finish of rooms and how they relate to each other with respect to color and texture. Try your best to budget in some money for the services of an interior designer on your upcoming new home project.

Decorators - Not the Same

Have you gone to a paint store and seen the person who works with the wallpapers and window coverings? That - in almost all cases - is an interior decorator. Don't confuse this person with an interior designer. Decorators can be very talented. Many have vast experience with colors, wallpapers, and other finishes used to decorate a house. These are fine qualities.

Interior designers take these talents and enhance them. They often have college degrees in design. A decorator rarely - if ever - has the extensive training that accompanies an interior design degree.

If you just want help selecting a wallpaper, then you might do fine working with a decorator. However, if you want to blend carpets, furniture, wall treatments, paints, interior trim, etc. you better hire a designer!


One aspect of interior design that is rarely discussed is that of interior lighting. Light fixtures and the quality of light they produce have a direct and dramatic impact on the rest of the room. The lighting of items in a room is important. Lighting can make or break a design.

It takes years of experience to understand how to use both direct and indirect lighting. If lighting is important to you, be sure to work with a designer who has lots of lighting experience. Visit past jobs at nighttime to see how the professional handled difficult situations.

Ask about color temperature. Light temperature refers to the color quality that different bulbs produce. Not all light bulbs create light tones and colors equally. This can affect how your furniture and other things look when they are lit at night.

Be Honest

When you get ready to work with an interior design professional, be honest with yourself and the pro. If you don't get along or feel that the designer's approach is too radical, then speak up! After all, it is your money!

Don't feel as if you owe the professional anything. All you owe this person is respect. Go slowly at first to make sure you have the right pro on your team. Once you feel comfortable and everyone knows the plan, move ahead!

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