Efflorescence on Masonry

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  1. Brenda Winborne
    May 14, 2012

    When our house was built 1 1/2 years ago, the builder put a finish over the brick. It looks like they took mortar & brushed it over the brick. It also had a tan or khaki color mixed in with it. The house has developed white efflorescent (?) stains in numerous places on the house. Is there anything we can do to get rid of the white stains. We live in Alabama.

    • Tim Carter
      May 23, 2012

      You simply read all my past columns about Efflorescence. Type that word in my search engine.

  2. calvin myers
    April 7, 2013

    is the white efflorescence harmful to my small children

    • Tim Carter
      April 11, 2013

      No it is not harmful. I assume you don't allow them to lick it.

  3. Kelly
    January 11, 2014

    I have a retaining wall made of cinder block, with concrete poured into the middle space. Over the last 8 years, since my home and wall were built, the White Efflorescence Stains on the retaining wall have gotten pretty bad. It is at a point where my HOA are asking me to paint the short 3 foot wall. Of all the remedies I have read, including yours, not one mentions painting and what would happen if White Efflorescence Stains are painted over. Can you point me in the right direction on what I should do?

    Thank you!

  4. Jim
    October 28, 2014

    Tim,our chimney from flashing up was just rebuilt 2-3 months ago. After several heavy rainy days and high winds there is I guess by your description Efflorescence on almost the entire exposed brick. Should I wait for it to correct itself,then seal coat it,or is it best to buy a Eff. Cleaner,then seal coat it once it has dried. Our masonry co. said they had to wait for the mortar to dry before they could seal it ( if we wanted it sealed,it was an additional $450.00 that we could not come up with at the time). They however never mentioned that almost entire chimney would turn white.
    I thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice you may have.

    • Tim Carter
      October 30, 2014

      Please read all my columns on the topic, watch my videos and your answer is there. No need to spend more money.

  5. Jay Jen
    February 15, 2015

    I'm about to buy a house and this was what the inspector came up with on a 20 foot tall * 80 food wide rock retaining wall, built 16 years ago.
    Neighbor's house sits about 15 foot tall on the other side of the wall.
    "There is heavy calcium build up and wet areas along the east rock wall. This spalling ( when mortar dries out and loosens and or falls out) these areas need to be repointed ( new mortar packed in ). The areas where water is seeping out is possibly from a leak in the water lines ( from neighbors water supply lines ) water is seeping out thru the mortar joints and not the weep holes ( PVC conduit used for allow water to escape with out damaging the mortar) "
    Is the statement accurate? Could the Efflorescence cause mortar to dry out and need to re-pointed? Do I need to re-seal or re-coat the wall?

  6. Qasim AFzal
    June 7, 2016

    In struck pointing the color is not grey , it becomes whiten with time. So how to make the struck pointing colored by original grey that is of cement so that to make it aesthetically beautiful.

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