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Gutter Guard Test Results

Stop - Check this out! Hi, it's me Tim Carter.
Do you want a bid on the same gutter guards I used on my home?
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If you do fill out the form at the MasterShield page, they pay me a very small commission.

Over ten years ago, I started testing gutter guards on my own home. Not only was I having issues with leaves and tree debris in the winter, spring and summer, but I was getting regular emails from people just like you about the frustration you were having. The good news is that I finally discovered a gutter guard that works. It works so well, I had it installed on my own home by professionals. I'm going to share the company with you in just a moment, because I feel you need to know the entire story. The most convincing evidence is in two videos on this page. You absolutely need to watch the two videos to see the final stages of my testing.

But I really feel you need to know how long and exhaustive the search was. I chronicled much of this is many past columns here at my website about gutter guards. I urge you to go type in these words into my search engine at the top of this page: gutter guards

In the search results, you'll discover nearly ten different columns that I wrote over the years about my experiences. On just about every one of those pages you'll discover a link to get you back here.

What you should take away from all of this is that my tests determined that over the years I discovered that gutter guard products allowed small debris to get inside the gutter. I found some that allowed you to somewhat easily clean the gunk out of the gutter, but that wasn't what you or I wanted. I wanted a product that didn't allow anything in the gutter and was almost always self-cleaning. Finally I discovered some products that had an ultra-fine micromesh screening that stopped the debris from getting into the gutter. I tested two products on the same roof under the same trees. One performed better than the other. You can see the visual proof in the videos on this page.

One of the key components, in my opinion, as to why the one micro-mesh product performed better was the fact that the manufacturer insists that the gutter guard be installed in the same plane as the roof. In many cases, this means you have to lower the gutters on the house. I did this exact thing in my test and it made all the difference. Lowering gutters is usually not a do-it-yourself project, so consider that when you are thinking about this job. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you don't break the wind seal on your existing shingles when installing the gutter guard. Professional installers know the tricks. Be sure you check the warranty on your roof to ensure you don't void it by making a mistake.

The company that I went with was MasterShield. You can click their name and go right to the site. It's a special link that tells them I sent you. Go to the MasterShield site now and fill out the form so you can get a pro out to your house just like I did. I can tell you that I'm so happy I don't have to get up on my roof again. My wife is thrilled as well. The last thing Kathy wants is to be taking care of me if I get hurt, and the last few times up on the roof I did notice that I'm not as nimble as I used to be. Master Shields' guarantee requires that their product must be installed by an authorized, certified dealer.

I took the time to explain this because you may be one of the many people out there that just want to know what products I use at my home. That makes sense because if I'm using something, I must feel it's a great product. If that's what you're thinking about these gutter guards, you're 100 percent correct.

If you do click the above link and subsequently ask the MasterShield company to give you a quote, they pay me a small referral fee for this. They do this instead of purchasing regular advertising on my website. If you have any issues with the MasterShield folks, please let me know. I'm pretty confident that you'll have nothing but praise for them if you decide to have the same gutter guards on your house that I do.

Tim Carter

Stop - Check this out! Hi, it's me Tim Carter.
Do you want a bid on the same gutter guards I used on my home?
Click Here
If you do fill out the form at the MasterShield page, they pay me a very small commission.


12 Responses to Gutter Guard Test Results

  1. Hey Tim, you evaluation of the gutter guards was just what I was looking for. Excellent testing.
    Unfortunately MasterShield does not have installers in my area. Darn!
    S.I., NY

  2. Hi Tim,
    Thank you for your valuable insights into gutter guards. What do you think of GutterDome? This product seems similar to GutterShield? Can you give me an idea of what the total cost would be to install 90ft of GutterShield? I live in Ohio. Your help is much appreciated.


    • Helen, you should absolutely call me. Read this: Your question requires lots of typing, plus I have some questions for you so I can give you the correct answer(s). I only do pithy answers here in the comment section. If you want to protect the investment you have in your house and not waste time or money *hoping* you make the right decision, you should talk to me on the phone for just 15 minutes. It'll be the best investment you've ever made in your home!

  3. I keep reading abut how well gutter guards keep debris out of the gutters but I also really need a product that will withstand the weight and damaging effects of heavy wet snow sliding off my metal roof! I don't have a problem with ice dams or icicles but the snow comes rushing down like a freight train!

  4. Hey Tim. Like so many others - thank you for doing such throurough research into the topics you cover. I had a question about the mesh gutter covers. One quote that I've recieved uses "Versa Guard". It's fairly expensive, and from the pictures I can see on their website, the slope is both a 2-3 inches lower than the shingles, and not as steeply pitched. They also look a bit like the ones that didn't work so well on your house. Wondering if you have any thoughts on the Versa Guard product. http://www.versaguard.net/Gallery

    Thanks again for all you do!

  5. Tim,

    Based on your recommendation, we had MasterSheild gutter guards installed on our house about 3 years ago--120 feet at 3 different levels. We've visually inspected with binoculars on a regular basis to make sure debris didn't collect on top. However, we now have significant drip lines under all of them. This is so different from what we expected. Before I call the installer, do you have any advice?

    Thank you,

    Gillian Crane

  6. Hello,

    I live in Minnesota and would like to know how the gutterglove pro performs in climates that get a lot of snow. I am concerned about snow not melting fast enough on the mesh screen and creating ice dams. I know the company offers a heated version, but I don't want to pay extra as they can be quite expensive.

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