Gutter Guards – Do They Really Work?

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  1. Cheryl Hinton
    April 12, 2013

    Hi Tim

    I have to install new gutters on my home I just purchased and I have been looking at gutter guards. I watched your video about Master Shield but wanted to know what you thought about Leaf Relief gutters guards.


    • Tim Carter
      April 12, 2013

      Well, I believe my video and all my past gutter guard columns tell you exactly how I feel. How do your gutter guards stack up to the ones in design to what I put on my house? It's that easy to answer your question.

      • Jack Swanzy
        April 16, 2013

        I have looked at all the claims for gutter protection and have concluded that a regular gutter system with 3-4 time yearly cleaning is the preferred way to go.

      • Michael
        June 27, 2013

        Hi Jack.I would be looking at big bucks to install the Tim approved micromesh type gutter covers,and am considering funnel outlets as the next best thing.If you have to clean your gutters only 3-4 times a year,you might as well stand pat (maybe put funnel outlets on your downpipes). I have mature American Elms around my home,and in the early summer,they drop little round seeds that pile up like snow,and I have to clean my gutters as often as every week.
        Tim has put a good deal of effort into investigating the various gutter protection systems,and I trust his conclusions on the micromesh gutter covers,but right now,the price is too steep for me,especially as my old gutters would have to be lowered to take full advantage of the micomesh gutter covers.

      • Michael Dowling
        July 13, 2013

        Jack,from what I can gather,if you live in an area without lots of full grown trees,you can probably get away with 3-4 gutter cleanings a year.Where I live,there are nearby mature elms,and the seeds they drop are a nightmare for me.I am on a ladder almost every week in summer,and find my gutters half full of seeds.To make things worse,when it rains,the seeds turn into a sticky mass not unlike cooked oatmeal.

  2. Michael Dowling
    July 12, 2013

    Tim: How effective are fast flow funnels? I would like to try a less expensive way of preventing my gutters from clogging before I shell out for micromesh gutter guards.My main problem is elm seeds,which fall like snow from full grown elms.

    • Tim Carter
      January 15, 2014

      Read all my gutter guard columns. All the answers you need are there. Watch all my gutter guard videos.

  3. RDee
    September 4, 2013


    Has anyone tried the GutterBrush, or it's equivalent, made by another company?

  4. Debra Cave
    June 23, 2014

    I'm looking at Leaf Exterminator for my gutters. Any feedback would be helpful. Thank You.

  5. Vishal
    June 27, 2014

    Hi Tim,

    There's a company called SHO-PRO and they make these gutter covers called Original Gutter Cover. These are essentially the Solid Surface type with a nose that works on the surface tension principle. In addition they have rows of tiny slits running parallel to the nose. These slits also slope inwards to provide many surface tension plays I suppose. Do you have any experience with this type? It is costing me $17/ft for 192 ft of installation ($3400). They offer lifetime "unimpeded flow" warranty. We are having to deal with a combination of catkins/flowers/twigs from a river birch, helicopter seeds from a maple, grit off our roof shingles. Ideally I would have liked to have them install this system on one section of the gutter -- the front second storey section that is difficult to climb to -- to see how it all works, but they are pushing me to install all over because in winter they say their system will help prevent ice dams. What do you think?


    PS: I am making my way through your videos.

    • Tim Carter
      July 5, 2014

      I think you should get the gutter guards I put on my house. Did you read my column Gutter Guard Test Results? Do it NOW. Click the link in the column.

  6. Alex
    November 25, 2015

    So what is the point after all ? I seems to me that you just want to make sure no gut guard works; and I agree with that: the big leaves are easy to take care of; the stuff that comes down during Spring, not so fast my friends.... and this is probably the reason these things will never work. It's like "you can't make an omelet without cracking the eggs" -
    My solution: improve the drainage around the house and get rid of the gutters altogether !

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