How to Fix a Drooping Door

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  1. Martin
    May 2, 2014

    Thanks for the really helpful advice.
    Minor suggestion/feedback: Could you please add pictures to your how-to advice? Lost me completely with the "in the flat mortised area where the hinge fits in the top door jamb ... center of the door jamb ... into the rough door jamb ... tighter to the rough jamb." What *are* you talking about?? A picture's worth a thousand words!
    Other than that, great article. Much appreciated. Thank you!
    ps: Not to push it, but any chance of metric measurements (even if just in brackets). After all, the Internet is global, and most of the world - ie outside the USA - uses the metric system not the rather peculiar Imperial system.

    • Tim Carter
      May 7, 2014

      Yes, photos would be nice. If I could make money doing all this, I'd take the time to upload lots of photos.

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