Septic Tank Do’s & Don’ts Maintenance

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  1. Ruth MacDonald
    April 4, 2013

    Will epsom salt affect the septic tank in a negative way?

    • Tim Carter
      April 4, 2013

      Not unless you pour about 500 pounds in at one time. If you want to HELP your septic tank do a much better job, and reduce the number of times it has to be pumped, you should put in one-half cup of the best oxygen bleach you can find each ten days. Oxygen enhances the bacteria in the tank and allows them to digest the solids FASTER. Get the best oxygen bleach in the USA made with USA ingredients at:

  2. jill davies
    November 19, 2013

    How much StainSolver do I need for my 3 bedroom house septic tank? How do I use it? When I go to the StainSolver site it does not discuss uses for septic tanks.
    Thanks, Jill Davaies

    • Tim Carter
      January 2, 2014

      Jill, Sorry for the delay. One-half cup every week is plenty.

  3. Anne
    May 15, 2014

    We are getting terrible smells from our showers. The septic guys have come and tell us nothing is wrong with our system. They've cleaned it 6 months ago and we called them back out for this problem but it continues. Any idea what can be causing this?

    • Tim Carter
      May 15, 2014

      Anne, when you were at my site did you type into my search engine these words to describe your problem: shower drain odor Click the phrase.....

  4. Jay Benson
    August 10, 2015


    Can you use brackish water for the water source for a toilet that feeds into a septic tank?


  5. Diana
    April 11, 2016

    Will Epsom salt baths ruin the sump pump on a sand trap septic system? 1 cup daily in a full tub?

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