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AsktheBuilder.com is an extension of the nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column AsktheBuilder written by Tim Carter. AsktheBuilder currently appears in over 100 newspapers nationwide. The AsktheBuilder.com website was launched in December of 1995, twenty-six months after the first AsktheBuilder newspaper column was written. The website archives currently contain over 2,100 articles and hundreds of videos. Residential home building, remodeling and repair topics are the primary focus of all of the content found at the website.

Carter was a hands-on custom-home builder and remodeling contractor for twenty years before launching AsktheBuilder. The concept for AsktheBuilder fermented for many years while Carter built and remodeled homes. Frustrated by bidding against other builders and remodelers who took short cuts using inferior materials or poor building practices, Carter tried to educate homeowners one-on-one. When Carter was selected as one of the top 50 Remodelers in the USA in May, 1993, he recognized the opportunity to speak from a new platform. Now was the time to transform his book idea and speak to many at once. The first AsktheBuilder newspaper column was published in October, 1993 in The Cincinnati Enquirer. The idea for the column was that of Carter's wife, Kathy.

The content found within the AsktheBuilder.com website is derived from an assortment of knowledge bases. The primary source of information is the twenty years of hard-earned lessons Carter  obtained  from  working with a tool belt around his waist. Whenever possible, Carter includes tips he has uncovered from past craftsmen, renowned trade associations, scientists, other builders and even homeowners who take the time to share tips they have learned through trial and error.

New articles and videos are produced each week and loaded soon after completion. AsktheBuilder.com strives to be a portal where do-it-yourselfers and those who wish to hire professionals can learn how to build things that will truly last a lifetime.

Syndication Overview The Offer Sample Layout Sample Videos About Tim About AsktheBuilder


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