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Video Syndication for all Media

Cover-Story Headline in a future issue of
Forbes or BusinessWeek:
Newspapers, TV and Radio Stations Rake in Record Profits from Video Advertising

Will your online publishing platform be one of the progressive ones featured in the upcoming article? Will you be quoted as the decision maker who helped take your website to record profit levels? This is all possible and more, if you make the right choice in the upcoming months. But don't hesitate. Ad buyers are in the marketplace now with cash in hand, and let's hope you have the products they want to buy.

If you are a newspaper online editor, I don't have to tell you the woes of the newspaper industry. Even though I am a syndicated columnist, and insulated from the day-to-day operations, I know that our, yes our, industry is in contraction. Classified ad sales have all but vanished. Circulation numbers are static or dropping. Revenues are as flat as a polished-granite countertop.

Tens of billions of ad dollars are starting to flow to websites, websites just like yours, but only if you have the content to match what the ad buyers want.

It is now or never. I hate to be that blunt, but Internet Video is here to stay.

I can supply you with a nearly endless supply of home improvement videos - videos your local readers want and need!

If you want Ask the Builder videos in your website, click here now.

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