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April 15, 2015 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

I moved my office from my basement up to my man cave ham shack over the past few days.

I still have to unpack boxes, but I'm here and it's nice and cozy. You may be one who asked for photos of the cave. I'll do you better. Once I'm moved in and all set up, I'll tape a video for you in case you want an idea or two for your home office.

Part of the moving project included PURGING. I have a tendency to accumulate stuff and I've decided to GET RID OF MOST OF IT.

My loss might now become your gain. I'm listing much of what I'm getting rid of on ebay. It's EASY and SAFE to buy on ebay - especially if you trust the seller. You can TRUST me!

The first two things I've listed are a great digital camera for a beginner and a special Pepsi bottle if you're a Cincinnati Reds fan - heck if you collect sports memorabilia - this may be for you.

In the next few weeks, I'll be listing MANY MANY things with the help of my daughter Kelly. I'll share them here. Some of the stuff is really fantastic.

Do you want an official NFL deflated football signed by Boomer Esiason, not Tom Brady? I've got one that's going to be listed later today. If you want air in it, I'll pump it up with no problems.

Secondary DOOFUS Alert

I just talked with Kathy. Wouldn't you know it but she's secretly subscribed to this newsletter.

"Did you send out your newsletter yet?"

"No, I was just finishing editing it."

"You're going to send out a SECOND Doofus Alert."


You misspelled the word Columnea in that flower name you sent out on Sunday. You put in Columbia. Your subscribers that know about plants will think I'm a DOLT."

"Well, I must have been thinking about driving down Columbia Parkway."

Anyway, I sit corrected up here in my man cave and now you know the correct spelling! Columnea 'Carnival'.

CLICK HERE to read Terri's Story about CLEANING ALGAE from her Deck

Deck Cleaning BIAS Claim

The columns at my AsktheBuilder.com website are open to comments. I moderate them because in this day and age there are simply too many jealous, faceless haters and trolls out there.

A "Mr. Disappointed Man" left a comment at the bottom of a column I wrote about cleaning wood siding. I responded to his comment.

I bring this up because you use the same process to clean wood decks, although it's far easier to clean a deck than it is siding!

I URGE you to read his comment and my reply as it may cause you to do a hard reset about how you feel about product recommendations.

If you're going to clean a wood or a composite deck soon, then you should consider using my Stain Solver.

If you're a Stain Solver fan, I'd ask that you take the time to leave a comment at the bottom of the column so Mr. Disappointed Man understands why I promote the product.

CLICK HERE to SEE some of my Favorite Tools!


Coast LK375 Light Knife Review

Watch this short video about a new pocket knife that also has a LED light. The review will PROBABLY SHOCK you. Better watch it.

Court Case Nightmare

A month from today, I'll be waking up to the smell of salt air and the sounds of waves lapping up on the rocks just outside the weathered hut I'll call home for a week in Antigua.

It's my second time there. I was last there three years ago to do an inspection of the roof on the Brazilian Embassy. I'm now back there for the actual trial and I'll be an expert witness for the plaintiff in the matter.

I've done expert witness work for years and was hired to give my opinion about why the roof leaked and if the proper steps were taken when installing it.

I'm not going to discuss the particulars of this case because it's not proper to do so.

But I will tell you the owners of the building have been living a NIGHTMARE for going on EIGHT YEARS and I'll tell you how it COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED.

I'm also going to share how you can get expert work done on your home no matter what needs to be done.

Keep reading - it's worth it.

Eight years ago the problems on this building started and it's just now going to trial. Justice moves slowly in Antigua, and it's not always too much faster here in the USA.

The owners of the building have been living with this issue in front of their faces for that long. It creates a knot in your stomach. It adds to stress. It saps the happiness out of your life.

Court cases like this can also drain your bank account in attorney's fees faster than snow melts in NH in the warm spring sun.

How do you AVOID NIGHTMARES like this?

You STOP making decisions based on HOPE.

Hope is the emotion of last resort. You HOPE for things you can't control.

You hope a ship or helicopter rescues you when lost at sea with no radio.

You hope for a great sunny day on your birthday.

You hope you win the lottery.

You HOPE you win a court case that's stretched out for eight years.

You HOPE the judge and jury assigned to your case are impartial.

But you should NEVER EVER HOPE that you hired the right contractor, painter, roofer, plumber, etc.

It's not hard to find the pro in your city or town. Believe me they exist.

Are they the ones that advertise on TV? Rarely. Pros usually have SO MUCH BACKLOGGED WORK they don't need to advertise.

How do you locate the pro? Well, it takes just a little effort on your part.

You need to get in your car and visit the businesses that PROS shop at.

You need to do it mid morning or mid afternoon when the pros are on the job working and it's not too busy at the shops.

You need to talk with the General Manager or owner. Believe me, they'll talk with you.

You need to ask the right questions. That's key.

What are the right questions?

I share them in a series of four special videos I taped. I actually do a visit to a lumber yard to SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO when you talk with the General Manager.

Get this Contractor Hiring Guide of mine and watch the four videos.

If you feel it wasn't worth the price, ASK ME FOR a NO-HASSLE REFUND.

I GUARANTEE you you'll discover how to find the pro and how to never have to call an attorney to get you out of a mess.

DeWALT 108 Piece Mechanics Set REVIEW

I just tested a nice mechanics tool set that you should see.

Mothers and Fathers Day are just around the corner.

If you feel 108 pieces in a set are too many, you might find a similar one at Amazon.com that you might think is best suited for you or the person your giving a gift to.

CLICK HERE for the review.

I'll be back to you on Friday with a Weekend Warrior quick blast.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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