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April 8, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

10 Best Podcasts to Listen Right No...
10 Best Podcasts to Listen Right Now

I woke up yesterday to an inch of new snow on the ground.

UNCLE! You win Old Man Winter!!!

Now pack up and git your butt down to the South Pole and set up shop for all those beneath the Equator.

Great DIY Phone Calls - Tips Galore!

Once I had my coffee yesterday morning, I had four fantastic phone calls. I talked to Corey, Karen, Tom and Karen in NJ.

Each one of the calls will be on one of my future on-demand radio shows. What fun!

Corey had a question about the best way to clean his expensive IPE wood deck. His contractors had been using chlorine bleach and I told him that was a HUGE mistake.

Certified organic Stain Solver is, hands down, the BEST cleaner for IPE, treated lumber or any composite deck material.

Karen's Texas Soil

Karen has a problem with soil that's causing pesky cracks in her house. You'll be able to listen to the entire call in a week or so.

She's got the nasty Texas expansive montmorillonite clay around and under her home. But years ago, I taped a video that had the solution to her problem!

My college degree happens to be in geology so I know a thing or two about soil, rock and ground water. Wait until you watch that video!!!! WOOT!

soil auger

CLICK HERE to watch the video and read HOW TO AVOID CRACKS in your foundations, slabs, house walls, etc.

Tom's Pergola Beam

Tom had an issue with a pergola over a deck. The imbeciles who built it attached one of the primary support beams to the facia board at the bottom of a roof.


You'll hear what my suggestion was to solve the problem when I upload on-demand radio show # 7.

Karen's Blacktop Drive

Finally I talked with Karen in NJ. She was wanting to put in a new blacktop or paver driveway. I talked her out of it saving her and her husband thousands of dollars.

She's going to use the great epoxy I've tried at my own home to hide the cracks. CLICK HERE to see how it's done. The link to the magic epoxy is in the column.

Don't believe that you can make cracks disappear in blacktop? HAH!!!

Look at the during and after photos just below of my OWN blacktop crack repair.

repair blacktop cracks


If you're a seasoned subscriber, then you know that Last Call means it's about to end.

Are you a Doubting Thomas about Stain Solver? Are you SICK of hearing about it thinking it's just some stupid product?

Read what Rita and Carol have to say. I got these messages from them in the past 48 hours:

Stain Solver Customer Comments

The End-of-Winter Stain Solver SALE ends at MIDNIGHT ET tonight - April 8, 2018.

Promo Code for 10% off:



That's enough for a Sunday!

If you've got complaints, I'm your guy. Lay them on me.

If you've got compliments, I'd love to hear them too.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
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