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August 23, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

I've been back home a week now from my out West little-man self-discovery trip. It didn't take me long to get back in the swing of things!

Just four days ago, I connected up lots of low-voltage wires to power up my Trex Transcend deck lights. It really adds a distinctive touch to the deck.

All of the deck railing posts have a light cap at the top. There are four LED lights in each cap so the entire post is aglow and washes soft light down to the deck. All of the stair risers have a recessed light bored into the riser.

What do you think about how it looks? You'd think it was daylight based on how bright the lake water is in this photo. Believe me, it was pretty dark out there!

Trex has really done a fine job of making this lighting system plug 'n play. It was caveman simple to install them. The stair riser lights are ideal and make all the steps very safe to use at night.

CLICK HERE to discover more about Trex Transcend decking.

Attention Juicer and Vitamix Users!

Do you have a juicer machine or a Vitamix blender? After using it for a few months, does it look sort of like you ground up old car engine parts?

Want to know how to clean one EASILY? Are you part of an online Vitamix or juicer users group? If so, can you please spread the word through that group about this article I just wrote?

If you have any food-stained containers or appliances in your kitchen, you want to read this.

CLICK HERE to read it.

Build Your Dream House Here

How would you like to own three large waterfalls? I've got something for you where you can construct your dream home.

The photo below was taken by my very talented neighbor Bob Broadhurst. These falls are on my land and would make a great source of hydroelectric power.

There are two other major waterfalls, the second one about 35 feet tall and straight down. The third cascade drops into a private swimming hole that's ideal for those warm summer days when you want to cool off.

My good friends Bob and Loreli Rankin made their dream of owning land like this come true about ten months ago. They found a one-in-a-million lot in upstate New York not too far away from New York City.

Kathy and I have decided to sell the 90 acres we own in central New Hampshire. It's a stunning piece of land to put it mildly.

If you don't want or need it, perhaps you know someone who is looking for that RARE find. The new buyer may keep this land in his and his family's possession for the next hundred years.

Now is the time to get it.

CLICK HERE to discover more about the property and to see stunning photos and VIDEO of the waterfalls. Wait until you see the fall color photo. Holy smokes, I did NOT do any color enhancement with that photo.

Brass Polishing Secrets Revealed!

Have you struggled to polish brass? Do you know once it's polished, the brass is very ANGRY at you?

CLICK HERE to discover how to easily polish brass and keep it shiny.

Great Powerful Scissors

Fiskars sent me some scissors and shears to test. I have to tell you I was impressed.

It's important to match a pair of scissors / shears to the task. If you don't, you run the risk of springing the scissors or just overworking your hand.

What you see above are the PowerArc series. These are the 10-inch PowerArc shears and great for cutting multiple pieces of paper at once without tearing.

I also used them to cut postcard stock and they did a magnificent job.

CLICK HERE to see many different Fiskars Powerarc scissors.

I'm confident you'll like these.

If you're a new subscriber, you need to know I only talk about products that I LOVE and would use in my own home.

I test everything BEFORE I share with you.

Building a Deck Seating Bench

Want to see some pretty good step-by-step photos of a deck seating bench I built?


Jamie in Bermuda

Back two months ago, I got to do a rare international AsktheBuilder Meet Up. It was with Jamie in Bermuda.

Jamie is a structural / civil engineer on the island. He also does high-end house inspections I believe.

We had lunch close to the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship and unfortunately Jamie had to scoot to an appointment. We could have chit chatted for another hour with no trouble.

Somehow in a fit of uncontrolled idiotocy, I DELETED the photo taken by a stranger of Jamie and me outside the restaurant. DANG IT!

That's quite enough for today.

Try to help me find the best buyer who will appreciate the 90 acres in NH!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over! (this includes spelling *right* rigt)


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